Seville train timetables

Timetables and connections search between two stations of Seville urban rail RENFE.

Seville train timetables

You can use the timetables search to get the connections and schedules between two stations of Seville urban rail RENFE for the chosen date.

Cercanías RENFE

With the Seville urban rail RENFE schedules search you can define the exact times and transfer times in any way and combination between stations. The application automatically calculates the optimal path to connect the two selected stations on the date indicated and shows the complete table of schedules and correspondences.

You can calculate routes between stations that are not in the same line, as well as any combination to go from Central Station Sevilla - Santa Justa to the largest municipalities linked by rail network RENFE as Dos Hermanas, Sanlucar la Mayor, Camas, Lora del Rio or Utrera and all stations inside the city of Seville and places like San Bernardo, Olympic Stadium, Cartuja or the Congress Palace, Santa Justa connected by circular line C-4.