Madrid city buses EMT

Lines, routes, maps and timetables information related to Madrid city buses EMT.

Regular bus lines EMT Madrid

Daytime service buses in Madrid:

Circular lines EMT Madrid bus

Buses and circular lines that run Madrid in clockwise and anticlockwise:

University bus lines EMT Madrid

Bus lines connecting university campuses and facilities in Madrid:

Minibus EMT Madrid

Bus lines in the central areas and narrow streets of Madrid with electrical minibuses service:

Special services EMT Madrid

Reinforcement lines and buses at specific times and routes in Madrid:

Express bus lines EMT Madrid

Faster express buses connecting key points in Madrid with fewer intermediate stops and providing a faster service:

Workplace transportation EMT Madrid

Special bus service known as TCT (Workplace transportation) that communicates the main business areas of Madrid with the nearest transport hub:

Night buses EMT Madrid

Bus service and lines in Madrid during the night:

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