RedTransporte - Public transport in Spain

Maps, timetables and subway, train, buses, taxi information and bike lanes in the main urban regions of Spain.

In RedTransporte you will find all the public transport and mobility information of the main spanish urban regions. In our website you can easily access to maps and timetables of every transport route sorted by type of transport and city, taxi services, car sharing, traffic information and bike lanes maps.


Public transport maps

Maps and route diagrams of every public transport network in the main regions of Spain:

Madrid subway map

Parla tram map

Madrid train map

Barcelona subway map

Barcelona tram map

Barcelona train map

Catalonia railways map

Valencia subway map

Valencia train map

Seville subway map

Seville train map

Malaga train map

Malaga subway map

Public transport timetables

Routes timetables and stop connections search of every public transport network in the main regions of Spain:

Madrid train timetables

Barcelona train timetables

Valencia train timetables

Seville subway timetables

Seville train timetables

Seville bus timetables

Malaga train timetables

Malaga bus timetables

RENFE Cercanías

Planos y horarios de RENFE Cercanías en distintas ciudades y regiones de España:

Cercanías Asturias

Cercanías Barcelona

Cercanías Bilbao

Cercanías Cádiz

Cercanías Madrid

Cercanías Málaga

Cercanías Murcia - Alicante

Cercanías San Sebastián

Cercanías Santander

Cercanías Sevilla

Cercanías Valencia

Cercanías Zaragoza


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